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In the previous story, I had covered how I had used masturbation to stay awake during long road trips for my job at the time, and how it ended up making me link traveling in a car to being horny and playing with myself, to the point of figuring out schedules and ways to make it so I could masturbate 2-3 times a week during the drive home from work. This story is how this mental linkage led to some interesting times.

My brother lived about 6 hours away, no interstate highways, just state highways and county roads the entire way there. Maybe a portion of a US 2 lane highway, but that was the extent of it. My wife and I went to visit him and his wife one year for New Years. We had a good time, had a few drinks, and ushered in the new year with a bang -- literally for me and my wife!

We hung out on New Years Day, watched football, recovered a bit. The next day was our last of the visit, we hit a National Park during the day, and visited a local brewery, where we started off, ended up bar hopping all the way home, getting quite a bit intoxicated, and I passed out around midnight. The next morning, still a bit groggy and under the weather, we headed out. My head didn't hurt TOO much, just more tired than anything, but definitely not 100%. After about an hour, I was nodding off. I thought about when I was driving for work, and started nodding off, I'd just play with my dick, keep myself awake. But with the wife in the car, that wasn't going to fly.

"Hey, honey, you mind driving for a bit?" I asked

"Sure, little bit tired?" She gave me the "you know you drank too much, this is your own fault, idiot" look that every model of wife seems to come equipped with.

"Yeah, just want to close my eyes for a few minutes, maybe get a quick nap in."

"OK, pull over at the next station, we'll fill up, and I can go pee."

We found a station about 4-5 miles down the road, I pulled in and pumped the gas while she went inside. I hopped into the passenger seat, started getting situated and comfortable. She came out, started up the car and started driving.

"Which way are we taking?" she asked me. "In case you go to sleep, I need to know where to turn."

"Just follow County D until State route 73. Turn right, follow that for 50 miles or so, then left on 106. That will get us 50 miles from home."

"OK, sounds good. Get some rest."

I proceed to get comfortable, blanket, pillow, and I unbutton the top of my shorts, so I won't cramp anything in there if I toss or turn in the car seat. I doze for awhile, and I start to feel better, still a bit tired, but my body and mind are a bit less hazy from the hangover. I keep my eyes closed, and just chill, although I am no longer sleeping, and this is where the "horny when in car" conditioning kicks in. As I lay there, eyes closed, I begin to fantasize as is my wont when in the car, and I can feel my erection growing. I begin to surreptitiously rub my hand along my hard cock on the outside of my shorts, feeding both my physical reaction and my fantasization. After a good 20-30 minutes of rubbing myself over my shorts, and keeping myself hard through the combination of touching and mentally doing all kinds of things, I am sufficiently horny that I quietly unzip my shorts under the blanket and begin rubbing my hand directly on my hard member.

I began to have some sort of weird feeling of "What would happen if she caught me?" and started playing out all kinds of porno-worthy ridiculous scenarios in my head. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, or even with someone in the room -- it has always been a private "me-time" thing for me. This continues for another 20 or 30 minutes as I get myself very horned up, and, like when I am doing the long haul drives, I am at the point where I just want to release.

What's the worst that can happen? She tells me to stop it? But it still is hard to break down that wall of private action to action with an audience. I wiggle around a bit, and move the blanket of my upper body, so it is just covering the lower half of my shorts -- the fly area is uncovered, and unzipped. I arrange it so that my cock isn't out of my shorts, but if she looks over, would be able to see it from her angle, as the zipper is all the way down, and the opening is fully open on that side. My cock is right under the zipper. I start to rub my cock with my right hand under the fabric, but not a full stroke. Just sort of keeping it hard.

I can't believe how excited I was getting. My breath was getting short thinking about her seeing me pleasuring myself. I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but the hornier I got, the less my inhibitions stopped me from caring about being discreet. I started talking to her a little bit, like I was just waking up -- "Where are we? How long was I out? You doing OK driving?" -- trying to get her to look over. She did a few times, but never looked down. Maybe I was hiding it too much. Fuck it.

I open my short flap open on the right side, too, exposing my cock to the light of day. I am still just sliding my hand up and down the shaft, not using my fist. Up down, rub of the balls, up to top, squeeze the head a bit, back down and repeat the cycle. God I was so hard! After a few minutes of this

"What are you doing????" she finally says, but not in a grossed out, WTF, but more of a laughing, "Are you seriously playing with yourself right now?"

I look over at her, and she is staring down at my cock. I shrug, "I don't really know! I woke up hard and just started touching it."

"Oh mY God!" she says, half exasperated, half amused, rolling her eyes, I'm sure. But, she didn't say "Stop" so I continue.

After about 1 minute, I grab my cock and start actually stroking it, no pretense of "Just touching it" anymore. I see her looking over at my cock every now and then, and I just keep going. God, the thought of her watching me stroke myself is incredibly sexy, but I am having a difficult time as if I look at her, and she looks over at my cock, she turns away, as if SHE doesn't want to be caught watching ME. OK, so that's the game -- she can watch, as long as I don't acknowledge her watching. Instead, I close my eyes and keep stroking.

I know she is watching, and it is turning me on quite a bit, and I need to release soon. I slide the blanket off, and slide my shorts to my ankles so I can spread my legs open as I stroke my cock. I am exaggerating the stroke, pushing my hips up and down, things I normally don't do. I am putting on a self-fucking show for her. I stop, and pull my shorts all the way off, and remove my shirt, making me completely naked, and I go back to long, full strokes.

"getting pretty bold there, aren't you?"

"Well, You've got to be bold if you are going to cum" I respond back.

"Oh! Is that right?" she says, just a bit too interested for her supposed "not paying attention" attitude.

I lean back just a bit, legs splayed, and I close my eyes as I start to stroke to the finish. I am about 10 strokes into this final push, and I feel her hand on my upper thigh, just sort of touching me, moving her fingers in a light scratching motion. It's too much. I begin to moan and breathe in rapidly and loudly through my mouth as I try to increase my oxygen, as my chest feels tight from the touch of her hand combined with the touch of my own. Finally, the first spurt of cum rockets out of my cock and hits me in the upper shoulder.

"Oh fuck! I say

"Oh My!" she says, and I begin to eject jet after jet of cum onto my chest and stomach. Her hand clutches my leg as I ejaculate, and she slides her hand to my inner thigh and she gives my balls a nice cupping squeeze. I look over at her. She is smiling like the cat who ate the canary.

"Well, that was interesting!" she said, and reached over and handed me some tissue to clean up with.

"Yes, that was very interesting!"

"What brought that on?" she asked.

"Just horned up I guess, sitting next to you." That bullshit line earned me a groan.

"You're such a liar!"

I cleaned up, got my self redressed, and we drove home the remaining 2 hours, just talking normal.

When we got home though, I grabbed her ass, and gave her a kiss, and her clothes were off so fast, pushing my head into her already soaked pussy to eat her out until she came on my face in no time.

Apparently BEING an audience worked for her as much as performing for an audience did for me.