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LostTower Official Wiki
We are yet in the process of building up this WIKI. Please be patient with us.

Server Location: France (Europe)

As time was a bit short, this is a starting guide made to help you for opening days.
This will be changed to a fully working WIKI in the next few weeks.

Lets start:

First upon login head to Yul NPC in Bloody Ice.

Claim the free items from first Level Goal Event (there are 2 sets of free items available without the need to make any levels).

Remember to go back to YUL every 25 levels for more freebies.

At this point you should have the free starter gear on.

Get on the maps start making so levels, pick the items coming in special inventory.

CA1-6 Dungeons are Alz Dungeon. Use them as they come, it will give the needed alz boost to buy the BM3 books from the Bloody ice Shop.

Go LiD, RS, EOD1 & EOD2 to farm UCL and SafeGuards (Low) to upgrade the starter set to +15.

Once thats done you are ready for the real challange as fallows:

Dungeon Tiers:

Overall we will have 5 Dungeon Tiers (3 are ready at this moment).

Each Tier is composed from a set of 5 Dungeons. Each dungeon drops a different type of item (suit, helm, gloves, boots, weapon)

With Shadow Titanium +15, Accesories from the Leveling Goal Event and BM3 you are ready for:

Tier 1 Dungeons:

Illusion Castle Underworld - Unique Helm Box - Tier 1 helm

Altar of Siena B2F - Unique Armor Box - Tier 1

Altar of Siena B1F - Unique Gloves Box - Tier 1

Forbidden Island - Unique Boots Box - Tier 1

Chaos Infinity - Unique Weapons Box - Tier 1

Panic Cave (Normal) - Upgrade Cores Medium (for the Tier 1 items)

Hazardous Valley (Easy ) - Accesories Tier 1

Steamer Crazy (Easy) - Blessing Beads Tier 1

Catacomb Frost (Easy) - Potions Tier 1

Lava Hellfire (Easy) - Runes Tier 1

Vulcanic Citadel - Costumes (Dungeon Entry available from Bloody Ice Boss)

Exillian Vulcano - Pets (Dungeon Entry available from Bloody Ice Boss)

Bloody Ice Boss: Guardian of Bloody Ice - SoD and PoD dungein entries (Spawn time: 2 hours)

Forgotten Ruin Boss: Reddish Cauda, - Slot Extender Medium (Spawn time: 30 mins)

Forgotten Ruin Bosses : Distichous Mongrel, Virulent Cauda, Monakus Karion and Ancient Cockatrice - Unique Epaulet box - Tier 1 (Spawn time: 2 hours)


Treasure/Relic Chests drop a box where can get a large variety of options available as craft (0-2 slots)

Legacy Chests drop scroll box (random scrolls corresponding to the item grade in same dungeon)

Legendary Chests drop a box with 0-2 empty slots, limited craft item options (best ones) and a Honor Potion (100-200k depending on tier, Tier 1- 100k, Tier 2 -125k, Tier 3 - 150k, Tier 4 - 175k, Tier 5 - 200k)

Items Honor Rank Requirement: (You cannot wear them unless you have the needed honor rank)

You start with Free Honor Rank 10.

Tier 1 Items require Honor Rank 13

Tier 2 Items require Honor Rank 15

Tier 3 Items require Honor Rank 16

Tier 4 Items require Honor Rank 17

Tier 5 Items require Honor Rank 18